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Before I started Media King I had a passion for science. My former qualification in Biotechnology was a real challenge in the job market. I had quite a bad experience in industry as well! I felt I needed to explore my talents on the side. I was somewhat good at operating social media and took to the concept of marketing and branding quite easily; and that’s when I started Media King Marketing to help other businesses get out there in the social media space. So I bought myself a very fancy Canon 600D camera with the idea that this would help me to get some “fairly” good content for my clients. A prospective client knew I had a camera and that was my first invite to document a live event. From that day forward, I had more photography jobs than the actual marketing jobs. I was later fortunate to be an assistant to a pro wedding photographer and I learnt the ropes from there. From shooting to preparation and all about dealing with the client. I must say, I took a big liking to the wedding industry. This was all back in October 2012.

Almost 5 years later and we grew into a production house, fully equipped with lighting, cameras, lenses and a whole lot of other cool stuff (no-one really told me how expensive this small business really is!). We introduced video into our spectrum of services and we managed to service some really good corporate clients. That brings us to where we are now, full-time photographers and videographers. Our approach is very guided and I’m open to hearing suggestions as well as sharing valuable tips on how we can make your project or event a huge success. If I’m hired for a particular project or event, I make it my duty to ensure that it becomes a successful one. I’ve carefully handpicked my team to ensure that we all can provide assistance to you and everyone involved.


To our prospective Wedding clients:

If you are planning a wedding by yourselves and would love to form a relationship with your service providers and hold the value of images and video very highly, then I would love to work with you. Your photographer and videographers are the only service providers that you will spend the most time with on the big day (and even after the day while they put your albums and videos together), and that’s why having a great relationship with them is so important. Our best clients were ones that we were able to form new friendships with, and we are more than comfortable in doing just that. You would be amazed as to how much a service provider will do for you when you have an amazing relationship with them - trust me on that. Our dates are limited, we don’t book weddings every day of every weekend. We look at booking 3-4 weddings a month, a manageable number considering all the work that follows after that. We also don’t mind fussy brides, it motivates me! Give me a shout, let’s talk about your wedding, and see if we make a good fit to work together.

To our prospective corporate and commercial clients:

What makes us different is our really excellent psycho-photography skills and our attention to detail. We understand that the content we create needs to reflect your brand to your consumer. I have a huge passion for branding and that is probably why I can be quite insightful when it comes to creating your content. Whether it’s products that you have to sell, images taken of your staff and sales force, or corporate images that can be used for advertising, we can assist with that process. Our up and coming projects include a lot of testimonials from the clients that work with these corporates, and training videos for staff, students, or your target market.

We’re also looking for individuals who want to make their presence known. Whether you’re an athlete, an MC, a motivational speaker, any public figure, we would love to put together a demo reel for you to show off your expertise.


Media King Productions is a Professional Photographic and Video production house catering for a diverse market of industries.

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